Shocking Workplace Statistics and How to Avoid Becoming One

If we were to ask you whether your employees trust you, what would your answer be?

Did you know that a survey revealed 58% of people trust strangers more than their boss

How does that statistic make you feel?

It could be one reason companies like Uber and Lyft succeed, even though it goes against your mother’s advice about not getting into a car with a stranger.

We came across several other shocking statistics from the workplace shared via Forbes, including:

  • 89% of leaders in charge believe their employees quit because they want a larger salary, while that figure only makes up 12% of reasons people leave their positions.
  • When managers were asked in a study by whether they had received training, a shocking 58% said they did NOT receive management training. 
  • In America, a report from The Conference Board reported that 53% of people are unhappy at their workplace. 
  • Similarly, nearly 50% of Americans forfeited their paid time off in 2017 and 10% didn’t use ANY vacation days.
  • Finally, Global studies shared that 79% of people who do leave their jobs, do so because of under-appreciation or lack thereof. 

What do those statistics reveal about our work centers and our leadership teams?

To put things succinctly, our management and leadership teams are being promoted for doing well on their work and not because they can lead people. Employees are being ruled by fear and without validation, and organizations are not investing in their largest asset. People.

Changing this general attitude is what The Human Centered Team will accomplish.

This book digs into the shoddy, uneven foundations our current work centers are built upon. It will give you the tools and resources to build a stronger, healthier, and happier organization filled with people who want to be there and succeed.

We want you to know that if reading these statistics felt like it was describing your workplace, please do not lose hope. There are ways to fix what isn’t currently working and achieve harmony between management and their teams. It starts with YOU taking the step of recognizing the need for change and moving forward to take positive action. 

The Human Centered Team is a great starting point for positive action and will be available in October 2022!