The Team Engagement

Meet Glenn Akramoff, your solution to the challenges plaguing your organization. With a mission to cultivate healthy work environments and unleash the full potential of teams, Glenn offers a range ...
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Reimagining Workplaces with Glenn Akarmoff

This episode of the Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast sponsored by Bearing Advisors, Jim Hunt interviews Glenn Akarmoff   Read the full article here..  
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I run a business with my adult son and it’s amazing with Glenn Akramoff

Glenn Akramoff is the founder and CEO of AKRAMOFF, a firm that helps companies create better workplace environments for their teams.   Read the full article here..  
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Enhance Employee Happiness and Productivity – with Glenn Akramoff

  Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Dwight D. Eisenhower, “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity.” Throughout my career and business, I have dealt with amazing ...
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Leadership, purpose, and the 6 pillars of a HEALTHY workplace and company w/ Glenn Akramoff

In today's episode, host Brian Lofrumento is joined by incredible guest Glenn Akramoff, a thought leader, an expert in workplace health, and founder of Akramoff LLC.   Watch the full ...
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Healing Toxic Workplaces – with Glenn Akramoff

Toxic workplaces can have a devastating impact on individuals' mental health and wellbeing. Leaders need to create positive and supportive work environments where employees feel valued, heard, and safe.   ...
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Build a Vibrant Organizational Culture – with Glenn Akramoff

It's Nicole Greer, your guide to building a vibrant culture, and I've just wrapped up a riveting conversation with Glenn Akramoff, the mastermind behind Akramoff LLC and the insightful book ...
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Humanity in Government with Glenn Akramoff

  Humanity in government signifies a transformative approach that recognizes the intrinsic value of individuals. A focus on humanity lies at the core of the human-centered approach, which aims to ...
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Leading With Love – with Glenn Akramoff

This week, I speak with Glenn Akramoff, team building consultant and the author of The Human Centered Team.   Watch the full video here.  
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Assess the Health of your Workspace with Glenn Akramoff

Podcast that shares the story of invention, Entrepreneurship and business ownership. We learn about the "Why" each business owner started their business, what mistakes they have made along the way ...
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Reimagining Workplaces | Creating healthy work environments across the USA

Glenn’s life experiences and core values are the center of his purpose. Having worked from seasonal maintenance to City Manager and now consultant and business owner over a 30-year career. ...
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Center for the Business of Government Zoom Interview with Glenn Akramoff

  As audio and video become more portable, there is a need for specific production to fill this demand. BlochHouse Media has met this need with a variety of 'podcasting' ...
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