One Size Does Not Fit All

In the United States today, we have a lot of problems that need to be resolved quickly. There are so many challenges that have created an environment of oversimplifying the problem, then go with the easiest (the low hanging fruit) to implement. The issue is, that we never get to the best resolution to the matter. We feel like we have dealt with that and move on. Sometimes, all we have done is deal with the symptom and not the disease.

The challenges include:

  • There is no agreement on what the problem is.
  • The solution must fit into a 30-second sound bite.
  • That it is someone else’s problem to fix.
  • It is more important to find who is to blame than to solve the problem.
  • That the final resolution must include my solution.
  • My opinion is valid and correct, no matter how little information on the subject I have.
  • Public opinion rules (social media).
  • If you use someone else’s solution, it is the end of society as we know it.

Large parts of society are dying everywhere, and we are all to blame. We can no longer solve our complex issues with simple one-size-fits-all solutions.  These types of answers do not exist, they don’t work, and they totally miss the mark.

We can no longer ignore the problems that occur and hope they will go away.  Courage will be needed by everyone to improve our world.  We must stop avoiding every possible solution because we don’t agree with who came up with it. We need to let go of our anger, and disconnect and focus on the greater good, rather than what’s in for me.

So, what do we do?  We start by stopping.

  • Stop caring about who is to blame.
  • Stop hating as a tool or solution (hate plus hate always equals more hate).
  • Stop wishing revenge on someone else to make it right.
  • Stop and let go of the idea that ‘our side’ has the only viable solution.

We start by doing.

  • Do expect more of ourselves, our leaders, our elected officials, and each other.
  • Do become more active in the development of our communities.
  • Do focus on the greater good.
  • Do have honest and open conversations about the issues and the possible answers.

Homelessness, crime, health care, education, climate change, governing and equity are all concerns that plague our society today. No matter what your opinion on these issues, resolution is needed in some way. While small steps have been made, we continue to argue about the problems and make little or no progress in finding actual solutions. Continuing to punish, ridicule and isolate those who disagree with us will lead to nothing happening, as it always has.

You cannot change anything by condemning it – Wayne Dyer

We are getting the society we want based on the results of our decisions, actions, and behaviors. If we all wish for something different, we will need to change our approach or we will have the same results. Can we really afford to continue the status quo? I think not. We can make a better choice.