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Joshua Akramoff's purpose is rooted in his passion for small business and his commitment to helping people find practical solutions. He approaches his work with honesty, presenting factual information for the benefit of all stakeholders, including business owners, customers, employees, and their families. Joshua believes in accountability to the whole, a principle that is at the core of the Human-Centered program he was raised on. He strives to create thriving businesses that prioritize the well-being of all involved, positively impacting individuals and communities.


Joshua Akramoff is a food and beverage consultant with over 15 years of experience in small businesses. He wholeheartedly offers human-centered solutions to help businesses achieve sustainable growth and success. Joshua's diverse background in small business allows him to provide comprehensive assessments and tailored recommendations to businesses looking to improve profit margins, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. His solutions prioritize the well-being of the business and its employees, reflecting his belief that a human-centered approach is essential to achieving success in every industry. As the creator of Legacy Consulting, a program offered by Akramoff LLC, Joshua is committed to creating thriving businesses that prioritize people through efficiency and growth.


As a consultant, Joshua Akramoff specializes in providing challenge-driven services that identify obstacles and provide solutions to chart a clear path forward. With a keen eye for detail and a deep commitment to honesty, Joshua sets reasonable expectations for clients and communicates the true cost of taking action, considering all factors beyond just monetary value. Joshua excels in helping founders and family businesses break out of ruts and achieve sustainable growth. The process is measurable, results-based, and short-term.


Joshua specializes in applying years of business experience to the Human-Centered program. Small business is about more than numbers but cannot ignore them, Joshua assembles and breaks down the data both empirical and human. A unique and diverse background provides different perspectives and actions, giving leaders a deeper understanding of their own business and relationships in life. Joshua utilizes an assertive, service-based leadership style that is well suited for bursts of change and confronting major conflicts. The Human-Centered program includes having hard conversations because they are acts of love, Joshua lives this principle without asserting ego or having a personal agenda. Objectivity is often in short supply for founders and family businesses.

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With 15 years of diverse experience, Josh has been overcoming problems and enabling growth in small business and Food and Beverage in many areas:

  • Building programs around store production and/or sales at retailers like Albertsons/Safeway, Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods, and independent stores.
  • Overcoming developing logistics challenges.
  • Increasing margins through efficiency and partnerships.
  • Financial Forensics: Predatory distributors, labor discrepancies, bad brokers, and sketchy invoicing identified, along with solutions.
  • Building events and sample platforms for brand success.
  • Aligning actions with values and team decision making.
  • Expert in Human-Centered Team and Pillar implementation.
  • Success in building remote and hybrid teams for over a decade.
  • Distribution success with Retail Warehouses, KeHe, UNFI, Peterson, Charlie's, DPI, and experience in refrigerated goods and sets.
  • Improving communication with teams, investors, and support.
  • Legacy Consulting: What is the future of what we are building, and how will our work be remembered? Do you want to sell? Do you HAVE to take investors? These decisions should be made with a purpose in mind and should always involve your team and family.
  • Packaging solutions and preparing for retail and distribution.
  • Performance analysis beyond numbers and with objectivity.
  • Transitional leadership.



I serve and through service, I lead.

I will be truthful in everything I do.

Explore the roads less taken; do so with focus.

Grow from every interaction.


  • Humility - It is never about me and taking my ego out allows unique perspective. Humility is the ultimate expression of confidence.
  • Focus - Preparation and clarity surrounding decision making, values and goals.
  • Respect - While levels of respect are earned, respect is always given. Respecting others is a reflection of self.
  • Health - Mental and physical health are a big part of the individual that contribute to team dynamics. Health is a responsibility to your team.
  • Integrity - Accountability, honesty, transparency, being real, staying true to yourself, following through and all of the cliches that have rightful a place in every relationship. | Phone: 425.614.5957 | Email: