Is Employee Well-Being a Priority for Your Organization?

It’s no secret that employees with optimum well-being are more productive, more engaged, happier, and more enjoyable to be around. A win-win situation in our minds.

So, why is it that organizations struggle with creating and implementing an effective wellness program?

Many times, it’s because employee health isn’t at the top of their priority list. They are still business and productivity-focused, rather than human-focused.

Let’s try and shift that perspective and consider what needs to go into a well-rounded health and wellness program.

First, consider this question: How do you know which workplace health strategies will be most valuable for your particular company to implement?

The answer: The best one is the one that fits the needs of your employees. This involves really grasping what impacts the health of your employees in your workplace.

Your health and wellness program should seek to support the holistic well-being of your team members, not just one area of health. It needs to be well planned, organized, evidence-based, involve workers, and be supported through your organization’s values. 

Above all else, it needs to be human-centered and flexible to change end evolve through time. You have to care about your employees at a high level. 

Here is an interesting article taking a different approach: Stop framing employee wellness programs around self-care. 

In addition to that, here are a few areas that we believe can enhance a health and wellness program: 

Connection – Talk about it!  Make your workplace a safe place to talk about anything. The leaders must connect with those they lead on a daily basis. All Team Members must be able to unite at all levels in a safe environment. People need to be who they are and celebrated as such.   

Trust – An organization must be built on trust between the team members.  The values, mission, and vision must guide the organization to build trust between human beings. There is no business that does not exist to serve other humans in some way. True trust is fundamental to the health and wellness for all of us. 

Support from the Organization – Communication training, empathetic leaders, flexible work schedules, employee benefits for mental and emotional health support, hybrid work options, and productive inspirational workspaces.

While there are many different parts that will make up your organization’s health and wellness program, remember that the priority needs to be on your employees, it needs to offer fair and equal access to all areas of the program for everyone, and communication is the key to success.