How to Enjoy Work More: 3 Simple Things You Can Do

For the majority of people, their work takes up a large part of their lives. That is reason enough to learn how to be happy at work. Whether you currently have your ‘dream job’ or not, it’s important to learn how to enjoy it. 

But, how?

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” – Calvin Coolidge

Here are 3 simple things you can do to stop dreading the work day and start enjoying it:

  • Practice Gratitude – When you focus on the areas of your life and your day that you are thankful for, it has a positive impact on your overall mindset, ability to handle stress, and resiliency. This mindset shift trickles down to your job performance, productivity, and other areas of your life. When you’re grateful, you’re more positive, which results in being happier. There has been much research in the last few years between the practice of gratitude and resulting happiness. It’s encouraging to note that the overarching results are that even one simple act of gratitude has an immediate impact on our happiness. 
  • Find your Gifts, Skills, and Passions – Everyone is good at something, even if you’re not good at everything. Practice self-awareness and identify the gifts, skills, and passions that you possess. Then take a deeper look at your current job role. What are you currently doing within that role that utilizes these abilities? Is there an opportunity for you to do more within your role that uses these areas more fully? Can you expand these abilities through personal development, with or without the assistance of your employer? It’s not reasonable to expect that everything in your job will be something you’re passionate about or even excel at. But, you can make sure that elements of passion and ability exist to help keep you motivated and excited.
  • Serve OthersOnce you have figured out what your gifts, skills, and passions are, take the next step. Use them to serve someone else. There is a reason the principle of, “there is more happiness in giving than receiving,” exists today. It’s absolute truth. Focusing solely on fulfilling ourselves without serving others leads us down a path of ego. This impedes our ability to practice humility, which is a key quality in successful leaders. Serving others does not have to involve large grand gestures either. Sometimes it’s the littlest action taken that can have the greatest impact on another human being.

These 3 simple steps are nicely summed up by this statement,  “Do more of what you like than what you don’t like.” – Glenn A. 

Everyone deserves to enjoy their life and that includes their work. We believe that happy, healthy workplaces can exist, but it starts with you, the leader. It’s the goal of Akramoff to help leaders and organizations make that shift through education and practical steps. We want you to be happy, healthy, and productive. For more information on how we can do this for you, please get in touch at today.