How do you know it is Humility? 

How do I determine or know I see humility? 

 The journey to humility and the awareness of it starts in the mirror.  Humbleness is not easy for anyone. It is the basis of building self-awareness.  Humility needs to be a value of the group, and each person in it or it does not show up in interactions.     

Humility shows up in three main areas:

  1. Language/Communications – What word do we use?  Do we use “we” or “I” in most conversations?   Are we good empathetic and active listeners?  Do we act on what we hear? 
  2. Actions – Do we need to out front, to be heard, to be acknowledged.   Can we push someone else out front without diminishing ourselves?  Do we act without expectation of a return or gaining attention for it?  Can we celebrate someone else’s success as much as our own?  
  3. Purpose – How do we express our purpose in life or our organization?  Are we focused on serving others?   What is our intention for what we do on a daily basis?  

As a leader, I must model and be accountable for what I wish to see in the team.  I see it as my responsibility to help each team member move toward the person they want to be.   When I am focused on their needs, I am not focused on my own.   In my experience, people know that you are authentically humble and will react accordingly.  As for me as a leader, it is about them and not about me.