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Chris Lynch
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Chris Lynch is a public sector consultant with over 10 years of experience with local government agencies. He specializes in Public Works operations, with an emphasis on financial and business intelligence of both capital delivery programs and maintenance labor operations. Chris’ educational background is in Accounting & Finance, working as a public finance professional alongside many levels of management including department directors and elected representatives. His solutions successfully integrate the growth impacts of change with internal operational improvements and efficiencies, emphasizing a commitment to team deliverables and solutions. He has developed a capital project delivery fiscal program, a grant application program, and data analytics program where each provides KPIs, practical solutions, and oversight ability.


Chris’s purpose focuses on better equipping public maintenance operations to address agency growth's impacts and challenges. His public sector experience began in Parks maintenance, where for four years saw firsthand the variety of challenges maintenance operations face in the field day-to-day. He approaches his work with professional expertise and curiosity, striving to address real challenges with practical solutions. He seeks to bring together multiple functions of public operations together through the lens of data and business intelligence opportunities.


As a consultant, Chris focuses on financial and general data analysis to provide solutions geared towards connecting a public agency's accounting and budgetary requirements to the maintenance and capital delivery operations occurring on the ground. Uniquely skilled as an effective translator between accounting, financial planning, capital project management, and maintenance operations. His public finance experience gives him the ability to coordinate internal stakeholders effectively, assess problems efficiently, and recommend practical solutions for operational implementation.


Chris specializes in leveraging data analytics to facilitate more informed decision making department wide. He uses Microsoft PowerBI to analyze data from both maintenance operations time and effort, and capital project delivery status metrics to coordinate the impacts of a growing or changing enterprise operation. Utilizing his two PowerBI dashboards, he can provide business analysis and reporting on areas of resource allocation, workforce efficiency, task prioritization, cost analysis, and performance evaluations across functions of a public maintenance operation. | Phone: 425.760.5126 | Email:

“The most rewarding things  you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done."

- Arnold Palmer



Chris can offer:

  • Data Analytics Program
  • Microsoft PowerBI Dashboards
  • Capital Project Management
  • Maintenance Labor Time & Effort
  • Public Works Business Report
  • Capital Project Management Fiscal Program
  • Grant Application Program
  • Program Assessments
  • Fleet Modeling
  • Utility Rate Modeling
  • Resource Request Business Cases


With years of experience, Chris has built a variety of practical solutions to common challenges faced by public maintenance operations. This includes a capital delivery fiscal charter that better aligns capital deliveries with the demands of public accounting, funding appropriations, external funding pursuits, and internal budget processes. Additionally, the program is supported by a quarterly review that confirms and extracts key delivery information to provide KPIs and Microsoft PowerBI dashboard. His expertise in grants broadly includes the strategic planning of future opportunities, capital project identification, application materials and submissions, grant award administration, and audit compliance. This skillset uniquely positions him to elevate internal grant efforts from beginning to end.


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