Choices & Leadership – Your Personal Responsibility

How many choices do you make in a day? In a week? A month or a year? 

The amount of choices you make is quite staggering if you stop to contemplate it.

But are they all really your own choices?

Consider how the media bombards you daily with massive amounts of content under the guise of information. This information impacts your attitude and mood, your thoughts, and can subtly influence your decisions.

As a leader, your choices impact many others either directly or indirectly. Paying attention to what is influencing or guiding your choices is an absolute must for anyone in a leadership position.

There seems to have been a general attitude in society up to this point, to not take responsibility for the choices you have made. Commercials, radio, and online newsfeeds everywhere are telling you that whatever has happened to you is not your fault. You’re not to blame. You are not responsible for the negative consequences of your own choices. 

That is simply not true.

Ironically, the media also encourages you not to take credit for the greatness you possess either. It seems that you can’t win either way. But, there is hope and it involves a choice.

You need to choose not to be blinded by outside influences. Truthfully, you are accountable for everything you choose. 

“You are the sum of your choices.” – Glenn Akramoff

If you take a look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am to blame for my what happens to me”, you are taking personal accountability for your decisions. You are stepping into the integrity that being an effective leader demands. 

This step opens up immense possibilities to you. Even though you are sure to face challenges and obstacles, your choices can lead you to excellence. The smallest decisions each day will add up to create the life you have chosen. Take responsibility for that!

It’s also worth noting that your past choices do not have to equal your future. You can make changes today and create a new future tomorrow. Choices are not stagnant, unless you allow them to be. Remember that not choosing, is also making a choice.

In order to support your movement towards making effective decisions as a leader, try these tips for a more positive impact daily:

Take Time Off – Allowing yourself permission and choosing to slow down is powerful. It will give you the opportunity to clear your head, to clear your mental and physical spaces of clutter, and reflect on the choices you have made and what you want to change moving forward. Time gives you choice.

Limit Input – This is about input of information from external media sources. You have the choice to react to everything you come into contact with, or shut it off and be selective. It’s amazing the change in attitude that happens when you focus on what you hold important rather than outward distractions.

Assess – Is there an area of leadership that you want to improve upon? What goals, personally or professionally, have you set? How will you achieve them? Are you satisfied with the direction your life is headed? Ask yourself the deeper questions and be honest with yourself about the answers. Take the personal accountability to step into becoming a better leader, a better person, a better version of yourself.

Everything you want to be as a leader is attainable because of choice. You can choose to start a new movement within society. Make choices that create a life you desire and hold yourself accountable for your decisions. This will only lead to growth and that’s something we at Akramoff can get behind.

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