Selflessness & Giving – True Leadership Superpowers


This time of year, many people are preoccupied with the act of giving. But, that act is not always without expectation of return. True acts of giving involve selflessness. Being less concerned about yourself and more concerned about the welfare of others, without wanting to gain from it personally. Selflessness and giving are the underrated…

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Gratitude – A Powerful Tool for Effective Leadership

A Boy on Mountains

Gratitude is talked about everywhere. It is the latest buzzword in the media, and there are multiple interpretations of the true meaning. If we go by the dictionary definition, gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Generally speaking, most people would agree with that. It’s important to be thankful for friends, family, and the…

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Do You Know HOW to Measure the Success of Workplace Culture?

Peoples sitting at table and having meeting

Have you experienced a workplace where management holds the belief of “You have to reach your numbers to get a bonus, otherwise you’re gone”?  With this attitude, there is no middle ground. As a result, the human beings working within this organization aren’t healthy or happy because they are treated as cogs in a machine.…

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Unwritten Rules in the Workplace and How They Affect You

Man Writes on notepad

The “real” office hours Expected email response time Open door policies Dress codes Using vacation days Camera on or off during virtual meetings   Above are just some examples of unwritten rules each workplace seems to have. These guidelines aren’t found in any employee handbook, shared during orientation and training, or rarely even spoken aloud.…

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How to Know Your System is Broken

Systems are vital for everything in our world to run smoothly. We even have built-in systems in our bodies that enable us to live healthy lives. These systems create order and predictability for us unless there is a breakdown within them. In which case, you need to identify what the broken piece is and come…

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Leadership & Courage

Many times, leaders will take the easy way out even when it may not be the best for them or their team, or so it appears. In the first blush of analysis, this would be because there is some unforeseen circumstance that they did not act correctly. Usually, in organizational dynamics, some person, division, or…

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How do you know it is Humility? 

How do I determine or know I see humility?   The journey to humility and the awareness of it starts in the mirror.  Humbleness is not easy for anyone. It is the basis of building self-awareness.  Humility needs to be a value of the group, and each person in it or it does not show up…

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Leadership and Hope

So many leaders are focused on leading their group or team through the day-to-day grind. The work accomplishments are important to short- and long-term success, to be sure. However, the ability and desire to inspire sets the best leader apart from the rest.  Hope is a powerful force that can instantly turn around someone’s life…

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