Akramoff envisions a world in which:

workplaces are positive, purposeful, productive and healthy, promoting the success and satisfaction of workers and managers and carrying over to improved customer experience.

We live in a world in which many workplaces are toxic. Workers feel unfulfilled, unhappy, and unappreciated, and their workplace productivity and their lives overall reflect the disillusionment they feel for their professional lives.

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Akramoff offers a new paradigm, founded on the idea that workplaces should be sanctuaries of positivity and productivity. Introducing simple changes to processes, systems, and workplace culture changes to make sure employees and management are happy and productive at work.

The Akramoff Family

To the Akramoffs, success is measured by how many people you impact in a positive way, your integrity, and your persistence in the face of obstacles.

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The Birth of a Movement

The Akramoff company and movement was founded by Glenn Akramoff as a response to losing friends to workplace-related mental illness.

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This Movement Is About You

Look at those around you in your organization. What do you see?
Do you see purposeful resolve or quiet desperation, or maybe something in between?
Where are you on that scale?


You do not have to settle for just a job; no one does. You can have the dream of meaningful contribution regardless of your career choice. Imagine a world where each person was working toward their personal purpose and serving others at the same time. This is not impossible; it is attainable for everyone. Creating purposeful workplaces in which people are encouraged to live in alignment with their personal purpose, as well as that of their organization, is everyone’s responsibility.


If not now, when? If not you, then who? Join Akramoff in changing lives and changing your workplace. Akramoff seeks leaders who share this vision of creating healthier, more positive work environments for their teams and organizations. Through educating leaders, offering support, and providing workplace services to struggling organizations, Akramoff leads the way and seeks leaders to join along.

We have four guiding principles:

Do things right, do the right thing.

Be a great teammate.

Know we are accountable for what we say and do.

When we think we are finished we take one more step.


Our Brand Name and Logo

As the central part of the brand’s message is inspired by the Akramoff family’s dedication to serving others, it was only appropriate to name the brand after the family. Furthermore, by calling the brand by the Akramoff family name, prospective stakeholders in the brand – potential clients, potential partners, and all others – can see how they can fit into the Akramoff family culture and mission. A family is an inclusive unit, united by a sense of mission of mutual responsibility and care, which is what Akramoff as a company and movement seeks to promote.

Naming the brand by a family name also highlights the relationship-centric emphasis the brand carries. The people Akramoff wants to partner with are people who value their relationships with others and want to see those around them thrive. Family names are also a mark of family pride and tradition, with most of the largest consulting firms bearing family names – McKinsey & Co, Bain & Co, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ernst & Young, etc. Giving Akramoff a comparable name taps into this feeling of family-centered, proud professionalism.

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Logo: The Simplex

The icon in Akramoff’s logo is the three-dimensional simplex, or tetrahedron. ‘Simplex’ is a beautiful word in that it literally combines the words ‘simple’ and ‘complex,’ representative of the teachings Akramoff offers the world which are, in Glenn’s words, “simple, but not simple to implement.”

In mathematics, a simplex is “a generalization of the notion of a tri...