Gratitude – A Powerful Tool for Effective Leadership

A Boy on Mountains

Gratitude is talked about everywhere. It is the latest buzzword in the media, and there are multiple interpretations of the true meaning. If we go by the dictionary definition, gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Generally speaking, most people would agree with that. It’s important to be thankful for friends, family, and the…

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Fear & Its True Role Within Leadership

A Person Giving Gift

Fear as a motivator and leadership tactic is not a new technique. We have many examples throughout history of politicians, religious leaders, and business leaders who have used fear to prompt the desired action on behalf of those they held power over. Even the media perpetuates fear. They package it up and sell it to…

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Do You Know HOW to Measure the Success of Workplace Culture?

Peoples sitting at table and having meeting

Have you experienced a workplace where management holds the belief of “You have to reach your numbers to get a bonus, otherwise you’re gone”?  With this attitude, there is no middle ground. As a result, the human beings working within this organization aren’t healthy or happy because they are treated as cogs in a machine.…

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Hire for Talent, Not to Fill the Position

Businessman shake hand with candidate

Have you ever hired the wrong candidate for a job role? You’re not alone. In fact, you’re in good company with 74% of employers acknowledging that they too have made this hiring mistake.  How can you hire the RIGHT person? Hire for talent and not to fill the position. It seems easy enough to say,…

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